VW TDI Buyback: Happy Valentines Day!

Lo and behold, Valentines Day has arrived. Now typically, I’m not the type of person to place uch emphasis on this particular day. This year it’s different, my TDI is finally paid off.

I didn’t post any updates regarding my VW Credit payoff issues, I’m lazy and I’ve been busy. I finally received a canned response from the message center, SEVEN DAYS LATER. Basically it said don’t worry and they are aware of delays with the buyback payoff. Gee, thanks. Interestingly enough, the very next day the loan was paid off and account closed. I’ll call this a win since I didn’t have to put a lot of effort into resolving the issue. Another chapter closed out for good.

VW TDI Buyback: Hold up, It’s not over yet!

As I’ve previously posted, the TDI has been turned in and I have received my money. However, there was a small outstanding loan on the car through VW Credit. I figured this was a non issue, VW is going to pay off the loan and give me the remainder, they filed for power of attorney to sign the title transfer, etc.

The buyback occurred on Jan 20th, my payment on the loan was due on Feb 3rd. I figured there was plenty of time to have VW this sort out and I cancelled my pending payments. Fast forward to Feb 6th, I login to validate the the loan was paid off. Guess what! It’s not!

I proceed to call VW Credit customer care. Why is this not paid off yet? The call was also supposed to start discussions as to how we can prevent this from impacting my credit. I have called five times over the 6th and 7th, I sat on hold for nearly two hours. During that entire time, I never had the chance to speak to a person, the call was “accidentally disconnected” while on hold. Every. Time.

Feeling like there is no hope, a message was sent to them on their secure message system. It’s been 48 hours and I’ve yet to see a response. Here I was thinking that everything went really smooth. There is something of a “silver lining” though, if you search the internet, you’ll see that countless people are having this same experience. VW is dropping the ball, yet again, for numerous consumers. From other notes on the net, people are saying that VW Credit is aware of delays in loan payoff relating to the buyback and that it could take up to 30-45 days for everything to be finished. I’m blown away by the incompetence, I’m just glad the car is gone now. Never again VW, you’ve screwed up too much to keep this client happy.

In other news, my F30 diesel is an amazing machine and continues to bring a smile to my face every time that N47 purrs to life. If anything, the buyback forced me to step into a higher class of vehicle and the experience has been stellar to this point. Not sure going back is an option and hopefully I won’t have to broach that subject for a long time. Happy Driving!

TMIFE: Jan 2017

This month in Fuel Economy: January 2017

Where Did We Go?

Odometer: 3040
Driven this month: 1118
Went to a few meet ups this month, one in San Diego and one in Glendale. Otherwise just work commute. Ticked over 3000 miles, here’s a picture to celebrate.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did We Get?

Avg MPG: 32.5
Lifetime Avg MPG: 32.2
Was hoping the two trips would help, but it didn’t much. My work commute is “short” (about 20 miles, 30-35 minutes driving one way). The car is fully warmed about 10-13 minutes before I reach my destination in the morning and about 25 minutes before my destination in the evening.

Maintenance and Upkeep

No maintenance to speak of save for fuel. I was finally able to wash the car and during drying I noticed a small scratch on the driver side roof. *siiiggghhhh* At least the first damage is done so now it won’t be overbearing when the next damage occurs. Sad fact of the world, it won’t be perfect. There is also a scuff of some kind on the passenger door, though I believe a clay bar will resolve that issue. The car doesn’t seem as vibrant as it was when it was delivered, maybe the dealer used some junk wax, if they waxed it at all. I’ve yet to use launch mode on the car, trying to wait for 5000 miles, not that it would likely matter.