TMIFE: April 2017

This month in Fuel Economy: April 2017

Where Did We Go?

Odometer: 5892
Driven this month: 842
Just more work. I’m a boring person.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did We Get?

Avg MPG: 31.0
Lifetime Avg MPG: 31.8

Maintenance and Upkeep
Had to air the rear tire at 5491 again. Have been unable to locate a reason as to why it’s going flat. Seems to be going about 2-3 weeks between issues. Another drivetrain malfunction at 5885. Will be bringing this up to the dealer on my next appointment. Stop/Start fixed the issue again.

TMIFE: March 2017

This month in Fuel Economy: March 2017

Where Did We Go?

Odometer: 5050
Driven this month: 824
Just more work. I’m a boring person.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did We Get?

Avg MPG: 32.4
Lifetime Avg MPG: 32.0

Maintenance and Upkeep

Nothing to mention. Just get in and drive.

TMIFE: Feb-2017

This month in Fuel Economy: February 2017

Where Did We Go?

Odometer: 4226
Driven this month: 1186

Work. Really need to get a trip setup.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did We Get?

Avg MPG: 30.1
Lifetime Avg MPG: 31.9

Mostly city driving. I spend a decent amount of time on the freeway but my return drive is mostly uphill so it cancels out.

Maintenance and Upkeep

At 3800 miles I received a drivetrain malfunction warning. I was nearly home and at cruising speed when it came on. Stopped at a spot for five minutes and a restart cleared the error. Haven’t seen it occur again.

At 4146 miles I received a low tire notification. Luckily (or unluckily as some feel) the run flat tires did their job. I drove to a station and filled it up. Warning came on at 24 psi, I filled it to 31 psi, it hasn’t dropped yet. I’m perplexed as to how it went flat over the course of a work day yet not continue to leak. Feeling more uneasy about this car given these two instances. It’s too early to be seeing this kind of stuff happen.

Want to give this another wash but it’s going to rain tomorrow and my micro fiber is in the washer right now. It’s also a bit chilly to be sticking hands in a bucket of water.

VW TDI Buyback: Happy Valentines Day!

Lo and behold, Valentines Day has arrived. Now typically, I’m not the type of person to place uch emphasis on this particular day. This year it’s different, my TDI is finally paid off.

I didn’t post any updates regarding my VW Credit payoff issues, I’m lazy and I’ve been busy. I finally received a canned response from the message center, SEVEN DAYS LATER. Basically it said don’t worry and they are aware of delays with the buyback payoff. Gee, thanks. Interestingly enough, the very next day the loan was paid off and account closed. I’ll call this a win since I didn’t have to put a lot of effort into resolving the issue. Another chapter closed out for good.